Two of the most common types of modern light fixtures today include either fluorescent or incandescent lights. But, you may be unaware of what makes these two lights different. Let us explain by listing the characteristics of each type.

Fluorescent lights:

  • Relatively newer than incandescent bulbs
  • Produce light by using gas to create a glow
  • White light
  • More efficient by using less power and produces less heat
  • Last longer
  • Higher initial cost to purchase supporting materials such as a ballast, a starter, and the fixture

Incandescent lights:

  • Have been around longer than fluorescent lights
  • Produce light by heating a metallic filament until it begins radiating
  • Warmer hue of light
  • Less efficient by using 4-8x more power and produces more heat
  • Does not last as long because their filament will burn out
  • Lower initial cost

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