When planning to make improvements to your home, it would be smart to inform yourself as much as possible about home repairs. You do not need to be an expert to make some of these basic home improvements.

Use energy-efficient lighting when renovating or building a new home. The utility costs can easily accumulate if you aren’t using efficient energy. You can find the efficiency rating of any lightbulb you are purchasing on its packaging. It will tell you the cost of using it for over a year and over its lifetime.
Don’t be intimidated by bright colors in the decor of your home. Be bold, make a statement. Go ahead and paint a wall pink or red if you want to. It’s only paint— you can always re-paint it later. The most important thing to remember is to allow your personality to shine through in the design of your home.
Get really good references from friends, family, and neighbors for contractors to help you with your home improvements. It is far too easy for a con artist to take your money and run, leaving you with a wreck of a home and no more money to fix it. Don’t trust just anyone. Make sure you have plenty of excellent references, from people you really trust.
If your rooms are looking rough because of nicks and dents in your wall, then you should try putting toothpaste in the hole to patch it up. Toothpaste can fill small nicks easily and can keep your room looking great. This is a cheap alternative and a quick fix.