LEDs are a fantastic addition to any home. Fitting an office space, living room, or study with lighting to fit tasks and activities correctly is massively important to sustain high productivity over time. LED lights can make that transition seamless, giving you an opportunity to accent your space exactly to custom specifications.


Why make the switch to LEDs?


Incandescent bulbs are being replaced for the most part in high-functioning businesses and facilities by LED bulbs, largely because of their lifespan and lack of heat.


LED lights promote a longer lasting bulb with less power draw for electricity, without sacrificing visibility in the room. There’s potential for LED bulbs to last over 20 times longer than the average incandescent bulb, which more than pays for itself in any extra costs.


How can they be used to light my office or family room?


Your office space is a sanctuary, and giving it the right light setting is important for client visits, friends and family, and the tone of your production.


Overall, RGB settings can be utilized to have a more vibrant effect on the room, commonly used for video game streaming and home theater rooms. LED strips being added to the back panel of the family room television helps prevent eye strain, as well as setting the mood for a film or television program to be enjoyed by the family.