Maybe you’re remodeling an old home you’re moving into or you’re giving your existing home a facelift. Whatever it is, choosing the right lighting for each room can be a little confusing. Follow this guide to lighting according to each room in your home for some help.


Living Room


Your living room is arguably the heart of your home— it’s where everyone unwinds after a long day and hangs out. If your area has a lot of dark areas, you’ll need more ambient and accent lighting. Recessed, flush-mount, or semi-flush-mount lighting are great options for ambient lighting. Track lighting is great for accent lighting.




Kitchens require multiple layers of light. Both small and big kitchens can benefit from recessed lighting as the main source of ambient lighting. Under-cabinet lighting is great for accent and task lighting.


Dining Room


The dining room is a place of warmth where your family eats meals and maybe even engages in family game nights. Yes, chandeliers are the traditional and classic option for ambient lighting, and with good reason. They look great and complete the feel of a dining room. Fortunately, there are multitudes of different kinds of chandelier styles out there— and surely there’s one to fit the style of your dining room.